Flexible Workforce Solutions and Bootstrap Business Architecture

What’s on your To-Do list?

Admin and Beyond offers a full suite of basic business support services to help you get organized, power through today, prepare for tomorrow, and expand the services you currently provide to your customers.

Get the basic services you need to complete projects and tasks on a project-by-project basis.

Business owners who are ready to engage at a higher level are encouraged to take advantage of one of our easy-to-budget, premier support plan options. Our support plan teams help you develop,  implement, and track strategies to support your ongoing goals.

Man thinking2

Where do you see yourself right now?


What concerns you the most?


What is your main objective?


What are your tactics and strategies?


What one thing would make today a better day?

Basic Business Support Services

Available on a project-by-project basis, or as part of our premier business support plans.

Admin and Secretarial

All general admin and secretarial, resource management, basic desktop publishing, basic accounting clerk, task-based project management.

General Business Consulting 

General business consulting, status meetings, annual meetings, and large project management.

Web Design and Maintenance

Website project planning, design, re-design, and maintenance.

Accounting / Finance I

Project level budgeting and forecasting, A/P, A/R, data entry into Quickbooks (or other accounting software).

Coaching and Training 

Bootstrap business and infrastructure concept development, brand review, strategy sessions, advisory team, entrepreneur training.

Notary Public 

Perform oaths/affirmations and acknowledgments on contracts, deeds, agreements, powers of attorney, etc.

Accounting / Finance II

Company level budgeting and forecasting, simple inventory (up to 5 cost centers), analytics, consulting and troubleshooting.

Creative Services

Graphic design, creative writing, copy editing, advanced document layout and design.

Sales and Sales Training

Sales plans and presentations, sales development and training, trade show training, sales hiring assistance and compensation planning.

Basic Digital Marketing

Service Description: Social media, email marketing, text message marketing, voicemail marketing, affiliate marketing and blogging.

Human Resources

Preparation of job descriptions, job postings, 1st (elimination) round of candidate interviews, policies and procedures, employee handbooks.

Premier Business Support Plans – Go Beyond The Basics

You Don’t Have to Go it Alone …Go Beyond!

Our bootstrap business architects can help you leverage what you have.

We turn pandemonium into meaningful momentum…on a budget.

Do you feel like there is a missing piece? Do you work all day and feel like you haven’t really achieved much? Are you leveraging everything you have available to you today to ensure a more successful tomorrow?


Take advantage of our Premier Business Support. Entrepreneur more confidently with our coaching, training, planning, and implementation! Our team of bootstrap business architects and support specialists are eager to help you discover the possibilities and lay the foundation for continued growth.

Personality Assessment

We start with a fun, yet revealing, personality assessment. This is done to help you identify and capitalize on your strengths so you can better achieve your personal and professional goals, strike a balance, and find greater satisfaction on your journey. This understanding can also help build a team that compliments and supports your efforts to push past current boundaries.

Business Identity Review

Keeping your personality and an understanding of your most important goals in mind, our next step is to perform a comprehensive review of your company brand to ensure your message is clear, consistent and communicated, both verbally and non-verbally, in a way that best represents you and what you have set out to achieve.

Strategic Planning and Goal Setting

A great small business experience begins and ends with delivering on your promises to yourself and your customer. We conduct a strategic planning session to help you organize your thoughts, map goals, and help you determine the most practical, cost-effective, method of implementing a plan with realistic expectations. We then document your plan and help you track your progress.

Basic Support Functions

Whether you need 2, 10, 20 or 40 hours of assistance per week, our virtual team is here to help.  Every support plan is customized to include basic support services that will help you power through your day, or expand the services you currently provide. We can also help you implement and manage other resources and technology needed to achieve your goals.

Meetings and Team Workspace

As a small business owner, there are many pressures and responsibilities. You don’t have to go it alone. Our team is here to help you stay on track and map out new ideas with regular status meetings and a private team workspace to plan and track activities. Want to bat an idea around? Just need a moment to vent? We are good listeners.

Business Standards and Compliance

This is a complex, frequently over-looked, essential component for small business owners. We help you develop and maintain well-documented processes, policies and standard operating procedures that grow with your business. We also provide progress reports and meeting minutes for your annual meeting. Never had an annual meeting? We serve in an advisory committee capacity for many of our clients.

Even our more sophisticated concepts are simple to implement, and solutions are built to scale with you as you grow. To learn more about our philosophies and how we get it all done, visit our About Us page.

We’ve also partnered with other firms and organizations to offer you a well-rounded business support community. If you are in need of sales assistance and training, legal advice, or IT support our strategic partners are here to help. Because we work together as a team, we have a mutual understanding of expectations and can move quickly to respond to your needs.

Small Business Start-Ups and Reorganizations

Genuine Ingenuity IQ (GIIQ) Small Business Coaching and Training

Don’t just consider entrepreneurship, improve your genuine ingenuity IQ and… become a Business GIIQ (geek).

Have you started a business, maybe more than one, and been disappointed with the results? You’re not alone. Many businesses fail in the first year. A large percentage of those who do survive year one will not make it to year five. That can give you reason to pause…and it should.

Keep working on your core ideas, then take your business from concept to concrete faster than you can learn to write a business plan. We walk you through every step of business development, in a methodical way, so you can see how all the pieces fit together to plan a strategy that makes sense.  

If you are interested in knowing more about current and future Business GIIQ Coaching and Training, please contact us.