Fill Your Cup and Drink Up!

May 23, 2018 - 1 minute read

Admin and Beyond Coffee Break Animated 2

“The problem with coffee is trying to make some when you haven’t had any yet.” -Author Unknown

Every entrepreneur knows the hardest place to start is at the beginning. Measuring out your goals, scoop by wonderful scoop, means slowing down long enough to be precise. That’s hard to do when you can already smell the fragrant aroma of success, but…

Too few scoops of the good stuff will result in a watered-down version of what you want.

Filling the tank too full will result in a hot, steamy mess to clean up.

If you’re getting ready to brew something new be sure to take a thoughtful, measured approach to it. The planning you put in at the beginning will help to ensure a more positive outcome at the end.

Now, go fill your cup and drink up!

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