Everything is a Priority!

May 17, 2018 - 2 minutes read

Admin and Beyond Coffee Break Animated 2

“Let’s get some coffee so we can be hyper-aware of how little we’re going to get done today.” – Author Unknown

Just how major are your major priorities? What can you really get done today?

Legit Priorities

Block time on your calendar for legitimate priorities and don’t allow anything to get scheduled over that time. Customers don’t know whether you really have a meeting, or if you’re taking an hour to catch up on billing. Except for extreme emergencies, and those are rare, you and your customer will be well-served by establishing reasonable expectations.

Things That Just Appear to Be Major Priorities

Clean clothes, food…yes, we all need them. There’s a tremendous amount of pride in doing things yourself, but there’s no shame in delegating tasks that other people can take care of.

Here are some ideas:

  • Your local laundry may wash, dry, and fold by the pound…it’s totally worth the few extra bucks.
  • Order your groceries online. Everyone from Amazon to Walmart offers grocery service these days. Instacart will have them delivered to your door in an hour.
  • Uber your eats. Even if you’re on a healthy diet you can find a restaurant that will have tasty nutritional sustenance delivered right to your door.

Your time is way more valuable than time spent on these tasks…and you’ll be doing your part to help other businesses be profitable.

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