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All in a Day's Work


We help you generate more revenue, time, and work-life balance by eliminating the busy-work, learning curves, and isolation busy entrepreneurs and executives are so often faced with.


Services start at $29.75 per hour.

That's just $0.50 per minute!


Need 2 hours or more per week? Give your budget a break with our Silver, Gold and Platinum plans.


Not sure what to delegate? Try our free needs assessment.


Want to start slow and grow? Get started with our One-Step Beyond program.


Who Says You Can't Have What You Want...When You Want It?

Like any great support staff, we are masters of knowing, learning, and tracking down almost any type of support your business needs... we can even help you manage it all.


We do everything an in-house support staff would do, except pick up your lunch. However, if you provide us with the name of your favorite restaurant, there is a good chance we can get it delivered for you.


Admin and Beyond is the perfect resource for all of your general office support needs. Mix and match our services according to your most pressing priorities, or go all out and set yourself up with a fully functioning office staff. We've partnered with a variety of companies that bring it all together in one convenient place.


Service Overview

Here's a quick look at some of the services we provide. Need something that is not listed here? Just ask.

Administrative /

Accounting /


Creative /

Gap Filling

General Office

Accounts Receivable

Job Descriptions

Desktop Publishing

PowerPoint Presentations

Virtual Reception

Accounts Payable

Job Postings


Excel Spreadsheets

Event Support

General Ledger

Resume Creation


Meeting Minutes

Document Formatting




Meeting Arrangements

Document Conversion


Employment Verification



Project Management

Receipt Posting

Reference Checks



Word Processing

Past Due Reports


Social Media


Data Entry



Basic Web Design


Mail Merges / Mailings



Cust Relationship Mgmt


Document Scanning





Virtual Filing

Bank Reconciliations




Printing and Binding

Sales Accruals




Web Conferencing






Pricing and Competitive Estimates

In the spirit of full disclosure, it is important to mention that the pricing chart below is provided as a general overview. Pricing is determined by the level of expertise needed to perform a task and, therefore, can range from basic... to expert... to uniquely qualified. Subscription service pricing (i.e., Constant Contact) is determined by the service provider.


As a general rule, 90% of client work is classified as "basic" and charged at our lowest rate. Approximately 10% of client work requires special expertise, or the assistance of a Strategic Partner, and will be estimated, on a case by case basis, and approved by you prior to the onset of work.


On Demand (Basic*)
Starting at $29.75/hr

Retainer Options (Basic*)
The following applies to all retainers:

Silver Retainer (Basic*)

Gold Retainer (Basic*)

Platinum Advantage Retainer (Basic*)

$250/mo ($28.70/hr)

$500/mo ($28.00/hr)

$1000/mo ($26.25/hr)

Time deducted at $0.48 per minute

Time deducted at $0.47 per minute

Time deducted at $0.44 per minute

30 minutes free training & transition

30 minutes free training & transition

1 hour free training & transition


*Advanced services vary by level of expertise and specialty, and are billed at a higher rate. Monthly subscription fees are set by service provider. Emergency (night/weekend) hours, add $2.00 per hour.


Management Consulting


This is a very specialized program where we manage the full day-to-day operations of your business so you can concentrate on your specific area of expertise. We work according to your business plan, or help you develop one and then manage the details. Your business is still yours, you still make the critical decisions, we just use our experts and labor force to advise, maintain compliance, and provide the day-to-day business functions you need.


Go ahead... speak, coach, consult, develop, design, repair, sell... or whatever your passion may be. We support you 100%.


Our Strategic Partnerships

We cultivate strategic partnerships with entrepreneurs, small businesses and big brand names to bring you the best support services possible. We've already researched the options, done the interviewing, tested the product or service, been certified (if applicable), and negotiated the agreements...saving you time and money.


We are always happy to manage your relationships with these companies, however, we know you take an active role in your business so we specifically partner with companies that will provide you with the best personal experience. If that is ever not true, please let us know.


Here are some of the things we take into consideration:


Our Guarantee

A partnership is an investment in today and the future. When we form a partnership with a client we expect to build a long-term relationship that is mutually beneficial for both parties. Admin and Beyond takes great care to ensure that client expectations are met through:

Initially, there may be a brief learning curve as we work together to determine the most efficient and cost effective support structure to meet your needs. During this period we ask our clients to extend us the opportunity to correct deficiencies and make any necessary adjustments to promote a productive and rewarding business relationship. In return, we commit to keep the learning curve short and meaningful. In the event that expectations cannot be met, for whatever reason, Admin and Beyond is happy to offer a money back guarantee. 

Our clients can rely on our exceptional confidentiality and security protocols designed to provide maximum benefit with the least amount of risk. All clients, employees, consultants and strategic partners are required to sign, or otherwise have in place, a mutually agreeable, confidentiality agreement that protects all parties from disclosure of confidential information. 


We use secure services, providing SSL security and data backups, to minimize the potential for unauthorized access and loss. 


We reserve, and exercise, the right to discontinue business relationships with clients, employees, consultants and strategic partners who have questionable business practices.


Compare Your Options

Are you researching your options? Excellent! We would expect nothing less from a savvy business professional. Here are some things to take into consideration when comparing Admin and Beyond to other virtual assistants, business outsourcing service providers, and management consulting firms:


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