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We Do Small Business in a Big Way!

Allow us to release you from the task-related burdens that overwhelm and distract you on a daily basis.


Ready to fill in the blanks? "It would be great if I had someone to ______, so I could ______."


Not quite sure? Use our self-guided needs assessment to help you find the answers.

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Virtual Business Administration and Resource Management

Fully Functional Flexibility

Have an entire office to run? Need to fill a gap? We provide the skills and special expertise you need to support your daily business functions, virtually, so there is no need to worry about extra work-space, computers, etc.

One Point of Contact

Like any great support staff, we are not only experts in our own fields, we also know where to find experts in other fields... we get you connected to the resources you need and manage the relationships, simplifying communication to one point of contact.

Executive, Entrepreneur, Solo-preneur, Boutique Firm, Road Warrior, Specialist, Realtor, Contractor, Consultant, Speaker, Coach...Your Needs Are As Unique As You Are

At Admin and Beyond, we won't try to sell you a bundled package that serves our needs, we strive to offer you the flexibility and services essential to meeting your needs...then we back it with great customer service, an impeccable money-back guarantee, and pricing you can afford.


Virtual Administrationdivider

What does "virtual" mean? With Admin and Beyond virtual means big potential, no matter how big your business or office space is, how much work you have, or how far away you are. We can be "virtually" anywhere you are, in moments.


No, we haven't achieved warp drive or the ability to teleport from one location to another, but technology does make it possible to effortlessly exchange files, web conference, share computer screens...which means improved productivity and response time.


Using virtual assistance to support your general office, project management, and other specialty resource needs also means you have exciting opportunities to expand your current capabilities and move beyond your current limitations.






Small Business Support



Resource Managementdivider

This is where the rubber meets the road and we really help you shine. You make one call...we're on it.


Businesses need a wide variety of resources and expertise at any given time so we built our business model to flex with your needs and developed a strategic partnership program to expand our own capabilities.


We partner with small business owners and major service providers to bring you the best possible support... with one point of contact. This program has the added benefit of helping everyone grow and achieve more.







Corporate Gap Filling



Do Something Differentdivider

"Definition of insanity...doing the same thing over and over, and expecting different results."


- Albert Einstein


Unfortunately, that only works in quantum mechanics. When you're ready, why not try something different?


All you have to lose is the DIY insanity that's been holding you back.

Designed for You



Small Business Supportdivider

If you're like many small business owners, you are probably trying to do it all yourself. You're working every waking hour, missing important things, growing frustrated with the the learning curve on things you never really wanted to know, and thinking to yourself, "This isn't what I dreamed it would be like."


To make matters worse, if you work from home, or rent a small space, you probably assume that access to the support staff you need to relieve the pressure is pretty limited. Not true at all.


Before you throw in the towel, give up all you have worked so hard for, or lose your mind completely... regain control and perspective with our free self-guided needs assessment, or call us for a free 30-minute phone consultation. You'll be glad you did.





Corporate Gap Fillingdivider

Gone are the good old days when you had your own secretary. If you're lucky, you might have a stressed out pool of support people, with numerous people competing for their attention.


That's okay, the company gave you a laptop and a smart phone. Now, not only can you work from anywhere (including home on your "off-time"), you can magically accomplish just about anything...right?

If only there were more hours in the day, and you were an instant expert in everything.


What is it you're struggling with? PowerPoint presentations? Formatting Word documents? Excel spreadsheets? Mail merges? Editing or creating a PDF? Finding artwork? Typing up a customer list? Writing for a particular audience?


Whatever it is...you are not alone. We can help, often times on short notice.  





Do Something Different

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